By default Digital Ocean Cloud Services till now has no Windows Images to install on their servers, So you can’t run a DigitalOcean Windows droplet on their cloud.

In this guide, I want to break the rules! I will show you how you can pass this Digital Ocean Limitation and Install both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 on a Digital Ocean Droplet in almost 10 Minutes.

This Setup is tested by more than 2500 people, and around 3000 Windows Droplets were created following this guide, so its 100% working and legit. But if you feel you are facing any problem, you can comment below anytime or open a question on

Also, you will find a full video of me going through this process in detail, so you can watch also if you want to see a live example.

Tools Needed for this Guide:

Putty free SSH Client, Download here

Let’s Start

First of all, we need to go to DigitalOcean and create a new Droplet.

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So, you got your account? we are ready to start.

1- Create a Droplet:

Simply click on the Create Button in Digital Ocean Dashboard or you can use this link.

Select Ubuntu and the droplet size you want, then wait for DigitalOcean to create it for you.

In Minutes you will receive an email containing your Droplet root password and IP like this:

Digital ocean droplet email

Now, Open Putty SSH Client, Connect to your machine, Enter the root password and set a new one as prompted.

2- Turn off the droplet:

Now after you create the droplet and you set the password, just go and turn off from the dashboard as shown in the image below:

turn off Digital ocean droplet

3- Set the Droplet to recover mode:

Now we need to set the droplet to recover mode, so we can install windows on our machine.

digital ocean recovery mode

Then simply turn on the Droplet machine again. and

4- Enter (Interactive Shell):

Select number 6 to enter the interactive shell mode.

digital ocean interactive shell

Set the root Password by simply running this command:

 sudo passwd root 

5- Download and Install Windows:

Open putty client again and connect to your machine and run one of the following commands:

To Install Windows 10 Image:

 wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda 

To Install Windows Server 2012 Image:

 wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda 

6- Boot From HardDisk:

After the command runs and finishes execution, turn off the machine and set it back to boot from hard disk in the recovery section in the digital ocean droplet management dashboard as we did before.

7- Configure Settings:

Now, Windows is Installed, but we have to configure some network settings.

So, Turn On again the Droplet and run the console window in Digital Ocean as shown below:

digital ocean windows

Login with the following user and password:

Password: P@ssword64

* NOTE: Change your password Directly to avoid being hacked.

Now Configure Networking, set the IP, SubNet, and the gateway as given in the console window in the right corner. (watch the video below to understand more)

8- Done, DigitalOcean Windows Droplet is here!

Bravo! Now you connect to your machine with RDP client and enjoy your DigitalOcean Windows VPS machine.

Watch the Full Video Tutorial:

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